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I have sầu this exact same issue with a clients build that I am attempting to lớn fix tomorrow. I was planning on just updating the drivers and possibly deleting Realteks audio & buying a sound card. Did you ever find a solution?
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Could be a few thingsSoftware:I have always had problems when installing Microsoft Sound Drivers instead of the OEM drivers . The OEM drivers are created to lớn be board specific . Problem is , many Driver Installer software ( Driver booster for example ), sometimes even windows update , Will install the windows generic version drivers . Make sure khổng lồ install the OEM drivers for audio . For my board there are two driver EXE files và they have sầu khổng lồ be installed in order with restarts in between and after .HardwareI have sầu accidentally damaged audio traces on motherboards , these traces are typically around the PCI slot , so can be damaged by GPU installation . Also a damaged cable can affect the audio detection/ output .
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krkandrkan Newbie Right now I"m Offline I have sầu made 7 posts I joined March 2018 I"ve sầu received 3 likes I currently have sầu no messenger contact information filled out. I currently have sầu no social network information filled out.
Sorry for the very late reply.I have sầu come to the conclusion that there is no fixing this. This is a hardware issue & if you happen lớn have sầu a board with this issue you should use your warranty if you can.If that is not possible there are a couple of workarounds.1. There is a "Disable front panel detection" option you can check in the Realtek drivers. On some newer driver versions it"s called "Disable front panel popup dialog". This will make the HDAudio front panel behave sầu lượt thích the old AC97 did. The sound chất lượng is not affected.2. Unplug the front panel cable. Do this if you never use your front panel.3. Buy an internal soundcard và use that instead. Make sure you pichồng one that has an HDAudio connection on it, not all bởi. You can disable the entire onboard audio in bios if you want.If the problem is in the back panel
I have sầu come across some people with this problem but where the problematic connection is in the back. There is an option called "Enable jaông chồng detection when device is plugged in". You can try unchecking that.

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kshipper wrote: Jul 16, 2021 10:53:12 GMT -8 amsss: I suggest you pichồng a category on the left và make a post. This area is limited to 256 characters.
marson wrote: Jul 14, 2021 9:28:20 GMT -8 Did you read the thread I linked you to? That goes much deeper. Can"t go very deep in the 256 characters we"re limited to lớn here. Try starting a new thread & asking a more specific question that reflects what still isn"t clear.
magrw1033 wrote: Jul 13, 2021 14:12:29 GMT -8 Thx. But that just restates the words of the manual. I was looking for something deeper.
marson wrote: Jul 13, 2021 11:30:55 GMT -8 magrw1033: if an LED stays illuminated & the PC doesn"t boot, that LED is a clue to lớn the problem. See: bdkhtravinh.vns.techguy.org/threads/motherboard-cpu-error-light-on.1221590/
segedite wrote: Jul 9, 2021 12:57:07 GMT -8 I have sầu these two messages: BIOS Mode. Legacy - Secure Boot: Registry not found ... how vì I enable the BIOS? on AORUS Z390 PRO ... BIOS Is F12. *
greggg wrote: Jul 6, 2021 13:00:trăng tròn GMT -8 Just stuchồng a new bios chip (easy job) into my X470 so now I have sầu the very lademo btiện ích ios chip needed (for a Ryzen 5 5600x). Didn"t want khổng lồ try this "btiện ích ios update" business because there are too many unhappy stories out there.
gritsmelike wrote: Jul 6, 2021 10:13:23 GMT -8 Thank you, bigdave systems info indicates an un-allow DMA bus device detected have fresh install W10 OEM 21H1 Z490 UD Me built. I didnt have a frt. header E-type for the USB C added thẻ to pcie 3.0x4 slot lớn convert. sys installed the driver. HUM
bigdave wrote: Jul 6, 2021 8:34:26 GMT -8 gritsmelike, Intel has marked this update as a critical security fix.
gritsmelượt thích wrote: Jul 6, 2021 3:23:26 GMT -8 Z490 UD with BIOS f5 have sầu Intel core i5 10600k mounted, OS is 21H1 on a Samsung 980 SSD NVME. Support has an updated bquả táo f20 with updates for Hãng sản xuất Intel Management Engine Firmware. I should bởi this I assume, & should I tải về the BIOS from support?
greggg wrote: Jul 2, 2021 18:08:27 GMT -8 I was just looking at the btiện ích ios chip spot on my aorus x570 master và it looks like this has a removable bquả táo chip. Maybe there is something wrong with my eyes though. Sure would make for easy upgrading to the latest bquả táo if someone needed to.
intender wrote: Jul 2, 2021 5:23:26 GMT -8 Press release from bdkhtravinh.vn confirming which series of Chipsets have sầu TPM 2.0 built in. Cheông chồng the liên kết below. *
acguarnica wrote: Jun 30, 2021 19:17:08 GMT -8 bdkhtravinh.vn has a promotional giveaway and I filled it out. I receive sầu a message saying something is wrong with my info, yet doesn"t bother to tell me why, they say it"s beyond the scope of their ability.WTF???
morningstar wrote: Jun 30, 2021 15:17:28 GMT -8 Having an issue with the motherboard not detecting the HDD but detects the SDD. I"ve sầu tried changing the sata mode in bios but dosen"t give sầu me the option lớn change lớn raid just achi.
antonioespe90 wrote: Jun 28, 2021 9:00:47 GMT -8 Just got an AMD Ryzen 5 3500X and bdkhtravinh.vn B450M-DS3H V2. I get no POST. Any suggestions?
skipper wrote: Jun 27, 2021 18:26:22 GMT -8 Big Dave sầu...thanks for the good heads up on the smart recovery method. It worked và I"m up and running thanks to lớn you!

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bigdave sầu wrote: Jun 27, 2021 16:43:06 GMT -8 Skipper, Did you use the bdkhtravinh.vn Smart Recovery method? tải về.bdkhtravinh.vn.com/FileList/Manual/AERO15VD_manual_v1_all.pdf Review page 7. *

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