Vivavideo cho máy tính win 7


You probably must have come across a number of videos made using this awesome video clip editing tool. When it comes lớn easy, fast đoạn clip editing on game android devices VivaVideo is one of the most popular apps right now. It is very easy lớn use & has many indispensable features.

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VivaVideo is a free đoạn phim editor for android devices. It allows you lớn cut and paste videos, địa chỉ transitions, trim videos & engage with various effects and filters. When you are done with editing your videos you can giới thiệu them directly lớn You Tube, lnstagram, Snapchat, Vine và other social truyền thông platforms.

The phầm mềm runs on devices with game android 2.3.3 or later. It is also available on the Apple phầm mềm Store.

There’s an alternative for those who may wish to lớn use VivaVideo: Free đoạn phim Editor on Windows PC. This tutorial will focus on how to tải về the app and install it on PC using BlueStacks emulator.

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To run game android based apps your PC you will need an emulator. BlueStacks is the most popular android emulator right now. The phầm mềm can run on Windows 10/8/8.1/7 & XP.

Download the Offline Installer file

To download BlueStacks visit on your PC & click on the tải về link. This will initiate the download of BlueStacks Offline Installer

Run the Offline Installer set up file

Once your tải về is done mở cửa the installer application file by double clicking it to lớn launch the set up.

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A dialog box will appear & select ‘Agree’ to continue with installation. A series of other dialog boxes will appear requiring you to lớn select ‘Next’ until when the ‘Install’ option appears.

Click on the Install option. This will finalize the installation of features on your PC. Once the tiện ích is installed you will see it in the programs danh mục on the Start menu và also the application shortcut on your desktop.

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Launch the BlueStacks phầm mềm on your desktop by clicking on its icon in the program thực đơn or double-clicking its desktop shortcut. The ứng dụng may take a few moments lớn initialize.


When it comes khổng lồ downloading và installing apps on BlueStacks there are a couple of options to choosefrom.

Method One: Downloading from Play Store

On the ‘My App’ screen, select the System app and then tap on the Play Store icon.

When the Play Store app is open, go khổng lồ the search bar and type ‘VivaVideo’ và click the tìm kiếm button. You will be able to find the app lượt thích you would normally vì on your apk phone. Of course you will find a bunch of apps with almost similar names & Icons. Choose VivaVideo: Free đoạn phim Editor. This will land you in the installation page of the app. From there you can see the app details, đánh giá and number of downloads (The normal Play Store stuff). Click on the Install button. The app tải về will initialize and the VivaVideo will be installed on your PC

Method Two: Using the tìm kiếm Bar

This is the simplest method of installing any tiện ích on BlueStacks.

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On the ‘My apps’ screen click on the tìm kiếm bar on the vị trí cao nhất right of the screen & type ‘VivaVideo Editor’ và hit enter. You will see the app icon, click on it to lớn install.

Method Three: Drag and drop

If you have already downloaded the android file on your computer from other sources you can simply drag và drop the VivaVideo app android file from its folder into the BlueStacks app Player screen. The phầm mềm will begin installing automatically.

Method Four: ‘Install Apk’ method

This method also works only if you already have the VivaVideo android file on your PC. On the apps screen tap on the Choose ‘Apk’ option to browse where the android file is located and select it. Click on xuất hiện to install the app.


After installation by whichever method you have chosen. Simply tap the VivaVideo app icon on the ‘My Apps’ screen & the application will launch on a new tab/screen. You are now ready khổng lồ enjoy clip editing on you PC using the VivaVideo editor.

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