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The industry-standard tools for Squốc lộ Server development và deployment

View a full history of changes, including who changed what, when, và why

Explore changes made by your colleagues with Squốc lộ Compare Pro.

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Share changes with the rest of your team using Squốc lộ Source Control. View a full history of changes, including who changed what, when, và why.


Fast, repeatable releases

Cut the time you spkết thúc on manual releases with SQL Change Automation which plugs in to lớn tools such as Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) và Octopus Deploy.

Include your SQL Server databases in processes lượt thích continuous integration, alongside your application, for fast, frequent updates.

See the direct impact of your deployment on your SQL Server performance when using any of the deployment tools within the Squốc lộ Toolbelt. Releases with SQL Compare or Squốc lộ Change Automation are marked in Squốc lộ Monitor next khổng lồ key performance metrics.


Save time with reliable change scripts

Compare và sync databases with SQL Compare Pro and Squốc lộ Data Compare Pro. Set up comparisons in seconds and specify the changes you want lớn deploy.

In minutes, you’ll have sầu an accurate script to lớn make your changes.

Write SQL up to 52.7% faster

Code fast, with Squốc lộ Prompt"s Squốc lộ snippets và auto-completion, & lay out SQL in your favorite style.

Get suggestions for từ khoá, objects, & JOIN conditions. And, with one click, make code readable and keep your team working khổng lồ a single coding standard.

Version control your Squốc lộ Server database changes

SQL Source Control gives you a full record of SQL Server database changes. It connects to lớn your version control system & works inside Squốc lộ Server Management Studio, so you can access version control in a couple of clicks as you work.

When you want to release with SQL Compare, or run builds with SQL Change Automation, use your repo as the single source of truth for changes.

Explore, document, and query your database

Search all your tables, views, stored procedures, functions, views, & jobs, with Squốc lộ Search. Jump straight khổng lồ found objects in the Object Explorer.

Document all your objects automatically, with Squốc lộ Doc. Use your favorite format: HTML, CHM, or Word.

Fetch data from or make changes lớn 100s of databases at the same time, with Squốc lộ Multi Script.

See the impact of your changes and catch orphaned objects with Squốc lộ Dependency Tracker.

Speed up development

Use Squốc lộ Change Automation lớn build & thử nghiệm your database as part of continuous integration. It checks the structure of your database and confirms your changes can be deployed. At the over, you get a tested NuGet package ready khổng lồ use for release across all your environments.

Catch bugs before they hit production

Create realistic kiểm tra data for load testing và integration tests, with Squốc lộ Data Generator. Run T-SQL unit tests in SQL Server Management Studio with SQL Test.

Include your tests in your CI process with SQL Change Automation, and nói qua them with your team using SQL Source Control.

Stop problems before they affect your users

Squốc lộ Monitor keeps an eye on your Squốc lộ Servers 24/7, so you don"t have sầu khổng lồ. If there"s a problem, you get an instant alert with information that helps you find và fix the root cause of the issue.

It helps you proactively monitor the performance of your SQL Servers, saving you time, và makes sure you always have sầu the answers khổng lồ tough performance problems.

Manage all your backups in one place

Run backups across all your SQL Servers from the SQL Backup UI – including compression & encryption. Include checks khổng lồ make sure your backups can be restored. Protect your data from onsite disaster with secure uploads to the cloud.

Squốc lộ Toolbelt Essentials


Ten essential SQL Server toolsfor releases and productivity.

Squốc lộ Toolbelt


13 Squốc lộ Server toolsto cover automation and monitoring

SQL Compare Pro

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Squốc lộ Compare is the industry standard for comparing and releasing Squốc lộ Server database schemas quickly & accurately.

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71% of the Fortune 100 use SQL Compare to compare SQL Server databases – because it"s relentlessly tested, easy to use, creates flawless deployment scripts, và saves time.

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SQL Data Compare is the industry-standard tool for comparing & deploying SQL Server database contents.

You can work with live databases, backups, or Squốc lộ scripts in source control. Damaged or missing data can be restored khổng lồ a single row, without the need for a full database recovery.

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Version control schemas & reference data, roll baông chồng changes, and maintain the referential integrity of your database.

And because it works with the tools you already use, it"s an easy thiết đặt.

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An add-in for SQL Server Management Studio và Visual Studio, Squốc lộ Prompt strips away the repetition of coding.

As well as autocompleting your code, SQL Prompt takes care of formatting, object renaming, and other distractions, so you can concentrate on how the code actually works.

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Squốc lộ Data Generator is a fast, simple tool for generating realistic thử nghiệm data.

It can instantly provide generators based on table & column names, field length, data types, & other existing constraints. They can be customized to meet your requirements.

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Document your databases automatically. Create documents as HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, or Compiled HTML Help files.

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If you want khổng lồ do Squốc lộ Server unit testing in T-Squốc lộ, and run it as part of your automated builds, Squốc lộ Test is the place to lớn start.

It"s simple lớn phối up, you don"t need extra tools, và you don"t need khổng lồ learn new technologies.

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Run multiple scripts on multiple servers with just one click

Squốc lộ Multi Script lets you exeđáng yêu multiple scripts against multiple Squốc lộ Servers quickly và easily

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Visualize complex databases simply

Dynamically explore và document all your database object dependencies

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Continuous integration and release automation for your Squốc lộ Server database

SQL Change Automation extends your application development processes so you can automate your database delivery too. You get instant feedbaông xã on your code changes, get the exact script you need for release automation and, when you’re ready, you can release lớn production in confidence.

Save sầu 2 hours each day monitoring your SQL Servers

Squốc lộ Monitor is a SQL server monitoring tool that transforms the way you look at your database. It cuts your daily kiểm tra to lớn minutes, with a web-based overview of all your Squốc lộ Servers.

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Compress, verify, and encrypt SQL Server backups

Fully verified Squốc lộ Server backups you can rely on

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SQL Search is a free add-in for Squốc lộ Server Management Studio that lets you quickly search for SQL across your databases.

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“Not only is our development team more productive sầu, we are also seeing substantially faster delivery times &, most importantly, more accuracy.”

Rynhardt van Rensburg, Systems Analyst, ABSA BankDownload the case study (PDF)

“We"re now deploying at a much higher frequency than before, and have sầu doubled the deployments lớn production.”

Thomas Johansson, AFA FörsäkringDownload the case study (PDF)

“As a software developer, I always thought SQL development felt a bit dusty và clunky.

With Redgate, a lot of the tools that I"ve taken for granted as a developer like source control, unit testing, và CI/CD pipelines are now available and easy to underst& for the database.

Redgate tools make database development feel as modern as application development.”

Jared Porcenaluk, Azure MVPhường. and Software Developer from Nebbia Technology

“Redgate"s tools are generally considered to lớn be the gold standard.

Squốc lộ Compare is fast, extremely easy to lớn use – Redgate pays a huge amount of attention to its UIs – full-featured và affordable. I wouldn"t bother messing around with anything else.”

Adam Machanic, SQL Server MVP

“We are building a software platsize for smarter life in organizations. This software is multitenant with separate databases and we know the challenges we’ll be facing in maintaining those databases in a rapidly developing environment.

As a start-up we use extreme consideration on how we spend our scarce resources but for us the Squốc lộ Toolbelt Essentials was a necessary purchase; it allows us lớn vày exactly what we need.”

Juha Borenius, CEO, Thinger.fi

“I"m saving 10-12 hours a week using the SQL Toolbelt. The comparison tools have sầu been ridiculously helpful.”

David Spaxman, Churchill College, University of Cambridge

“I am absolutely shocked at how good this sản phẩm is. They think of everything.

I postponed buying this for so long, but I do not regret it. If you make money with Squốc lộ Server, và you have sầu a oto và bởi not have the SQL Toolbelt, sell your oto và buy this product, you will go further, faster with this.”

Mark Breen, Margin Business Solutions Ltd

“I"ve been a Squốc lộ DBA for about as long as there has been Squốc lộ. I really appreciate so many things about Redgate... The tools are top notch. I use at least one every single day.

The pricing is very reasonable, và – best of all – is the customer support. I get quick answers lớn all my questions from a knowledgeable & professional staff member. Such a departure from the industry as a whole.”

Steve sầu Gray MCDBA, Vice President, 4Penny.net

“Whenever I show people any Redgate software it"s like they just escaped communist Russia & have a new life to live sầu.”

Scott Cowan, Senior Engineer, Sportinginsider.com
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