Ping request could not find host

If your computer faces any DNS related issues, one of the major Ping error code you may receive sầu while ping to any domain name is Ping request could not find host . Please kiểm tra the name and try again. This error message says your computer could not find the tên miền name because it failed to lớn resolve the hostname to lớn IPhường. address. This DNS issue blocks your computer from accessing any domain names by typing the trang web addresses on the browser.In the below image you can see I tried to ping but failed lớn get a reply from the Google server. Instead of getting a reply from the host, I received the error message "Ping request could not find host Please kiểm tra the name and try again". However, when I ping to lớn a specific IP. address (Here I used Global DNS address), ping request successfully received the reply.
So the situation is:1. The computer is not getting a reply from domain name names2. The computer gets a reply from IP. addressesSo we can confirm the issue is with the DNS hệ thống configured in the computer.In order to verify it, if you know the IPhường address of any website, type that IP address on the address bar of browser & press enter. The same trang web will load in your browser.

How khổng lồ Fix DNS Issues in your Computer?

To fix any DNS VPS issues in a computer, follow the steps below.1. Flush Current DNS details stored One solution khổng lồ fix DNS issues your computer is to lớn flush current DNS server address detailed stored. To remove sầu stored DNS details, follow the steps below.1.

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Clichồng on Start2. Go khổng lồ Commvà Prompt3. Type the following command & press enterNow try khổng lồ ping and kiểm tra whether you get the error message "Ping request could not find host Please kiểm tra the name & try again".ipconfig /flushdns2. Assign Working DNS Server Addresses
To fix the DNS issues in your computer we need to lớn assign correct DNS addresses in your computer. To vì chưng this follow the steps provided in the links below.How to Assign Correct DNS Server Details in your ComputerOther DNS related articlesTo find the fastest DNS Server for your computer, clichồng on the links below.How khổng lồ find the Fasdemo DNS Server for your ComputerIf you get any DNS error while accessing the modem thiết đặt page, follow the links below.Getting DNS Error while Accessing Modem Setup page

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