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In Windows, you need to set node.js folder path into system variables or user variables.

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1) open Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables

2) in "User variables" or "System variables" find variable PATH and add node.js folder path as value. Usually it is C:\Program Files\nodejs;. If variable doesn"t exists, create it.

3) Restart your IDE or computer.

It is useful add also "npm" and "Git" paths as variable, separated by semicolon.


Great answers, but you could just open the command prompt and type in

SET PATH=C:\Program Files\Nodejs;%PATH%



Add a system variable named "node", with value of your node path.It solves my problem, hope it helps.

If you install Node using the windows installer, there is nothing you have to do. It adds path to node and npm.

You can also use Windows setx command for changing system environment variables. No reboot is required. Just logout/login. Or just open a new cmd window, if you want to see the changing there.

setx PATH "%PATH%;C:\Program Files\nodejs"
As you"re using Windows, installation should automatically edit the %PATH% variable. Therefore, I suspect you simply need to reboot your system after installing.

Be aware that the Path is case sensitive. I tried setx PATH and it didn"t work. In my case it was setx Path. Make sure your CMD run as Administrator.

setx Path "%PATH%;C:\Program Files\nodejs"Now just restart your command prompt (or restart the PC) and the node command should be available.

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If you already have node installed, your path variable is set up and you suddenly start getting this error; try updating to the latest version.

This worked for me going from 6.9.2 to 6.10.

In my case, I"m using NVM and it installed Node v16.2.0, which for some reason has node.exe named as node64.exe. I changed it to node.exe and everything just worked.

In windows search bar type "enviroment variable" open it and set path

C:\Program Files\nodejs;

After adding path in system enviroment variable, If problem still occurs then follow steps

Close cmd and open new cmd, try "node" command.For VS code close all windows and reopen then try "node" command.If above steps didn"t work then restart system.(this one worked for me)
I tried the solutions above but uninstall and reinstall of nodejs from installer the only one worked for me.

In my case I was using nvm-windows and JetBrains Rider. The required paths were specified in environment variables, but MSBuild wasn"t picking them up. Apparently I haven"t rebooted my PC after installing NVM. Rebooting the PC fixed the problem.

Please install node through nvm

following command will give you the path where node is installed .

nvm rootCurrent Root: C:\Users\u725561\AppData\Roaming\nvmnode would be present inside the subdirectory of nvm root .

add the directory C:\Users\u725561\AppData\Roaming\nvm\v12.22.2 to path environment variable.

I had the same problem. My solution was just restart :/If you have this problem, you should just try restart first...

**Wnidows-11**control panel---Advance system setting----Enviornment Variable---new----Variable Name(Path) Varibale value(C:\Program Files\nodejs or whichever your path)

Afterwards restart your cli and node -v then boom!!

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Make sure that the node.exe exists in C:\Program Files\nodejs\, then add it to the path. ( See above answers to see how)

I am using chocolate package manger for installing nodejs by running choco install nodejs. Surprisingly in some versions the node.exe was not created in C:\Program Files\nodejs\ !

So make sure the node.exe is in C:\Program Files\nodejs\

I went through all the comments here, none of them worked. I found I had to uninstall and reinstall node.js and then it worked. Probably not the best solution but try this answer at the bottom of the list if all else fails...

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