Net is not installed autocad 2007 windows 10


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The .NET framework is a necessity for us computer users và a lot of programs require that you have it installed. Since, .NET framework installs so many files into your computer and it modifies tons of registry settings, an interruption in the install of it can cause many problems. I will show you how to fix the .NET 4.5 not detected error that AutoCAD spits out during an installation. Remember, you will not have khổng lồ install .NET 4.5 if you are using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 which has the .NET Framework 4.5 already built-in.

If you have either Windows 8 or Windows 10, you can just start the AutoCAD installation normally. The “.NET Framework is not installed AutoCAD error” normally occurs while installing AutoCAD on computers that has the 4.6 .NET nâng cấp installed or if you have a Windows version prior to lớn Windows 8. If you have any version of Windows prior to Windows 8, you can tải về and install the .NET Framework 4.5 version here.

I tend to make the mistake of installing .NET Framework 4.6 on Windows 8 và Windows 10 computers along with a NiteNite installation. This was the reason why I recently ran into a problem with the .NET framework not being detected during an AutoCAD 2016 installation. This wasn’t a Microsoft .NET framework problem but an AutoCAD setup problem. I was able to fix the .Net not detected AutoCAD error after much research. This issue took a lot of time lớn solve because I had .NET 4.6 installed & I was trying khổng lồ remove it thinking it was corrupted. But the tricky part was, I couldn’t downgrade the software as I already had the latest version installed & I saw no options khổng lồ remove it from the programs list. Apparently, I came to find out that AutoCAD 2015 or 2016 will spit out this error if it doesn’t see version 4.5 of the .NET framework installed during thiết lập and registry checks.

Fixing .Net 4.5 Not Detected AutoCAD Error

Thankfully, this is one of the easiest fixes I’ve done with .NET framework. It turns out that all you have to bởi is edit the following registry setting. Launch the the registry editor by going into Start menu > Run & type in“regedit” then navigate to the following key location.


Edit the version regedit key lớn the right và change the version number from 4.6 lớn 4.5. If your computer spits out a message saying that you don’t have permissions khổng lồ edit the registry key then you will want to lớn take ownership to vị so. Select the “version” key that you want lớn edit then go to lớn edit > permissions > advanced >Owner và select your username from the list, hit apply và OK.

Afterwards, you an re-launch the AutoCAD installation and it will continue normally as you can see below.


I hope this post provided you with some insight into solving your AutoCAD installation problems regarding .NET framework. If you have any questions or if you are still having trouble installing AutoCAD, please post below & let us know.

.net Is Not Installed Autocad 2007 Windows 10


When installing an Autodesk hàng hóa (such as F/X CAD or AutoCAD), you received an error message similar to lớn the following:

.NET 4.5 is not installed. AutoCAD 2016 cannot be installed without this component. See your system administrator for more information.


A problem with the Windows .NET Framework is preventing your Autodesk sản phẩm from installing correctly.


You can correct this issue by temporarily changing the Windows .NET Framework currently installed on your computer.

Step 1: Change Your Version of .NET to 4.5

1. Press the WINDOWS and R keys (Windows keyboard) or Command & R keys (Mac keyboard) to open the Run window.

3. Navigate to và select the following Registry Key:


4. In the right pane, chú ý the value of the Version key in the Data column. (In our example, the Version value is 4.5.50938.)

Then double-click the Version file.

Make a chú ý of the current version at this point (in our example, the version is 4.5.50938). You"ll need khổng lồ restore this version at the over of these steps.

Net Is Not Installed Autocad 2007 Windows 10 Pro

5. In the Edit String dialog box, change the Value data to lớn 4.5.

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Step 2: Install AutoCAD or F/X CAD

Close the Registry Editor, và install your version of F/X CAD or AutoCAD.

7. Once finished, go back into Regedit, và repeat steps 4 & 5 above, changing the .NET version back to its original value. In our example, we"ll change it back khổng lồ version 4.5.50938.

For further information, please see the official Autodesk solution khổng lồ this issue.

Can"t change the reg key because you"re not the administrator?

You might be receiving an Access denied or Error while deleting key message when trying lớn change reg keys. Both of these messages are the result of not having administrator status.

To resolve this issue:

Net Is Not Installed Autocad 2007 Windows 10 Product

1. Select a key you want khổng lồ edit.

2.Right-click that same key.

Net Is Not Installed Autocad 2007 Windows 10 64-bit

3. Select Permissions from the thực đơn that opens.

4. Select the System option from the Group or user names. Kiểm tra the Allow box next to Full Control. Then click Apply.

5. phối Full Control to Allow in the same way for the System option.

Net Is Not Installed Autocad 2007 Windows 10 không tính phí Download

You should now be able to edit reg keys.

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