Lỗi usb there was a problem starting


Have you ever faced RunDLL ErrorThere was a problem starting file, the specified module could not be found? It is a common error which can occur on your PC or with USB flash drives & it stops you from accessing all files. It occurs when you are trying to connect the USB drive lớn your computer or when you have just started your computer và the USB is connected to lớn it. This error also displays the location name of the USB & shows an error message in the dialog box. Read on khổng lồ find out how khổng lồ fix this RunDLL error.

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Now Run the command.This should resolve the issue. It is advisable to lớn take a backup of the flash drive before the command run.To take a backup of the flash drive, follow the next steps:1> Select This PC & locate the USB drive. Right-click và choose Copy from the pop-up menu.
2> Now paste the content of the USB drive khổng lồ the thư mục of your choice on the flash drive.3> Press the Shift key on the keyboard & right-click on the thư mục that has the files from your USB drive. Select the mở cửa command window here from the menu.4> The Command Prompt will now be visible. Enter attrib -r -s -h /s /d command and press Enter khổng lồ run it.5> After executing the command, you can close the Command Prompt.The last step in this process is to lớn format the flash drive. Follow the next steps for the same:Select This PC, locate the USB flash drive, right-click và choose Format from the menu.

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Now choose the formatting option and click the Start button.The above error can stop you from accessing your files on the USB drive. A change of attributes to lớn the flash drive can fix the problem. We hope the guide helps you. Do liên hệ us in case of any queries.3> Checkup Startup items
Use a không lấy phí startup manager software like AutoRuns to kiểm tra for dead startup entries that may be triggering this error.4> Delete Junk và Temporary filesUse Disk Cleanup Tool or a junk file cleaner lớn delete Junk và Temporary Files from your PC. Using a safe Registry Cleaner like CCleaner could also help remove dead Registry entries.Related read: What is the rundll32.exe process?


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