Lỗi the operating system is not presently configured to run this application

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Work with registry

Corrupted file registry is the most common cause of the "Operating system is not currently configured lớn run this application" error message. To check system files và repair problematic files, you can choose either the built-in tool or any third-party tools.

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To fix system files using a built-in Windows feature, go khổng lồ Start and type cmd in the search bar. Next, right-click Command Prompt và select "Run as administrator"; now, enter sfc /scannow without the quotes & press Enter.

Be sure to wait for the scanning process to complete (it will take about 10 minutes) and restart your computer. Now, you can try to mở cửa the required application again.

Update OS manually

Be sure khổng lồ try running Windows Update and installing the latest system updates. As you know, updates can improve stability, system performance, & fix various problems & errors, including the error “the operating system is not presently configured to lớn run this application Windows 10”.

To run Windows Update, go to Start & type update. Then click Windows Update from the suggested results & immediately kiểm tra for updates và install available updates.

You will then be prompted lớn restart your Windows computer - bởi this for the changes lớn take effect.

Repair installation file

During the migration of a Microsoft Office program, it may become damaged. But there is nothing to lớn worry about; you can restore the Microsoft Office program from the Control Panel. To complete this, start the Run program - simultaneously press the Windows và R keys, then enter appwiz.cpl without quotes và click OK.

In the new window, find your Microsoft Office program, click Change & select Repair. Select one of the options:

"Full recovery","Internet recovery" (you must have an internet connection).

Then wait for the repair process to lớn complete, restart your computer, & start the Microsoft Office application.

Also, to reactivate Microsoft Office, you must use your original license data; please bear in mind.

Try compatibility mode

Some older applications are not optimized for newer operating systems, which causes the error message “this operating system is not presently configured khổng lồ run this application”. In this case, you need khổng lồ run your program in compatibility mode - this will allow the application to run on an older version of Windows và vice versa.

To vì chưng this, right-click the shortcut of the problematic application and select Properties. Mở cửa the Compatibility tab and check the Run this program in compatibility mode for: box and select any old Windows with which the program will run. Now, click OK, và the program will start.

Note. You can also use one of Microsoft’s latest tools, the Compatibility Administrator, which allows you lớn fix programs that don’t run on Windows.

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Look for new versions of drivers

And of course, you can solve this problem by updating your drivers. Be sure khổng lồ install the latest driver updates for your GPU, peripherals from the device manufacturer"s official website.

After that, try lớn restart the application; the updated drivers should help.

Protect your data

Recovering data from a hard disk partition can be performed with better professional software. bdkhtravinh.vn Partition Recovery is specially designed to recover both the entire disk và its partitions. The program works with many file systems: NTFS, HFS, FAT, ReFS, UFS, EXT2/3/4, ReiserFS, etc. It works on each of the hard disk partitions & performs a thorough search for more than 99% of all contents. Partition Recovery can easily cope with the recovery of any type of data in case of formatting, accidental or deliberate deletion, virus attack, hard disk damage, operating system errors in various situations, etc.

To use this software, you only need to download and open it on your computer, & the built-in recovery wizard will vì the rest for you. In addition, bdkhtravinh.vn has developed a không tính tiền trial that you can use right now, và you will see your files inaccessible very soon.

How khổng lồ recover files from your hard drive using bdkhtravinh.vn Partition Recovery:

1. Download and install Partition Recovery on your device.2. The Recovery Wizard will start automatically (or open it on its own) & ask you to lớn select the partition on the hard drive that you want to recover, as well as other basic data search parameters.3. Scanning will start (full or fast); wait for the process lớn complete.
Partition Recovery - Installation.
Partition Recovery - select the corrupted hard disk khổng lồ fix it.
4. Preview allows you to lớn preview all found files for không lấy phí by right-clicking the file & choosing Preview in New Window.
Partition Recovery Wizard - select the scanning mode "Full Recovery".
Partition Recovery Wizard - preview files.
5. To lớn save & export recovered files, you need lớn buy a license and enter a license key; The Export Wizard will vày the rest for you.

After purchasing a license, you will also have access khổng lồ technical support for a whole year.

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