Lỗi tencent gaming buddy failed to start the emulator


Tencent Gaming Buddy Failed lớn start the emulator. The emulator was not properly closed. Please restart the emulator or the computer và try again later. Tencent Gaming Buddy Failed to start the emulator. Failed lớn start the engine, Error Code: 5

Tencent Gaming Buddy Emolator

PUBG has released its own Emulator, called Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator, for its sản phẩm điện thoại version. This emulator is completely different from others. Because the emulator is designed to run certain games. Therefore, you cannot install the Play Store. I recently received this error while trying to lớn start PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại. This error occurs when you try khổng lồ start PUBG di động directly from the shortcut. However, after trying some solutions, I was able to solve sầu this problem. So if you’re experiencing a similar error, this article is for you.

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Fix: Tencent Gaming Buddy Failed lớn start the emulator

When we play Pubg điện thoại via Tencent Gaming Buddy, we sometimes get an Emulator failed to lớn start error. There are different ways lớn resolve sầu this error. You can try to lớn get a solution by following these solution steps.

Update Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator

One of the reasons for this problem may be that you use an outdated emulator. To do this, kiểm tra whether the Emulator has an update, if any, install the current version. If your Emulator is up to date, you can skip this step.

Use Task Manager and restart the computer.

Another solution is lớn close all applications running in the background about Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator or Pubg.

Press “Alt gr + Ctrl + Delete” on your keyboard together.Cliông xã Task Manager from the options that open.In the drop-down list, right-click all applications related to Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator & Pubg and cthua kém by press “End task”.


Or Restart the computer (not turn off and then turn it on) và try again. In Windows 10, the computer restarts when you give the comm& lớn restart your computer.

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Delete the TxGameDownload Folder & Restart Computer

Thanks khổng lồ this solution, I corrected the error within a minute. And, after trying this solution, I never saw the error again. As with other Windows programs, this emulator saves some temporary data. And if the error comes up again & again, there are some temporary files that cause this problem.

First, completely cthua trận the emulator using Task Manager.After that, go to lớn the C:Temp Folder. And delete the “TxGameDownload” thư mục.Don’t worry, this folder will be created automatically. Also, deleting the folder will not damage any Game files.


Note: Because Windows is on drive C on my computer, the Temp folder is also stored on Local Disk C. If you installed your operating system in a different location, look at that disk.

Shut down AOW Engine

Windows Task Manager cannot terminate all background processes. And there is a process called aow_exe cộ that does not appear in Task Manager. And you can solve the problem immediately by terminating this process. You vày not even have to restart the computer.

Now open the Process tin tặc Program & look for the word “aow”. The aow_exe pháo.exe process will appear. Right-click on it and then choose to lớn kết thúc the option.


Emulator Failed khổng lồ Initialize Another SolutionCthua the error screen saying “OK”.Click the Multi window icon in the options on the right.The game will open in a new window. Cchiến bại the old window (giving error).Then open PUBG mobile & say OK to lớn the DirectX + warning.He will then ask you khổng lồ log back in khổng lồ your account, & you will be logged in.


Re-install Emulator

If all the above solutions did not work. Finally, you have sầu to completely remove sầu & reinstall the emulator. first, use the Control Panel to lớn uninstall the Emulator. Finally download and install the lademo version of the emulator. Alternatively, you can try another “PUBG thiết bị di động emulator”.

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