Lỗi error loading media file not found

Summary: Are you facing ‘Error in Loading Media: file Could Not Be Opened’ message when trying khổng lồ watch online videos? Learn how lớn fix this truyền thông media file error in Chrome, Firefox, Safari và other browsers on Windows, Mac and Android.

Click on You can also select the time range of deleting this data from Last hour, 24 hours to All time. Select Browsing history, tải về history, Cached images & files, Cookies, and other site data.
Click Clear Data.

To clear cache & cookies in other web browsers, go through this :link

How to lớn clear cache, cookies, and browser history on an apk phone?

Launch Chrome on your apk device và click on three dots on the top-right. Go toSettings> Privacy.
Scroll down & select Clear Browsing Data. Mix theTime RangetoAll-time
kiểm tra Cookies và site dataandCached images and files, and clickClear data.

After deleting cache & cookies, try playing the truyền thông file. If the issue persists, try playing the truyền thông file in incognito mode.

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Method 5: Play truyền thông file in incognito mode

Incognito doesn’t store any cookies và automatically deletes your tìm kiếm and browsing histories. Simply press ‘CTRL + SHIFT + N’ keys to lớn turn on incognito mode. Enter the website liên kết and play the file.

Method 6: Turn off hardware acceleration

If you’re having trouble playing the đoạn clip file, this could be due khổng lồ hardware acceleration. When enabled, hardware acceleration passes graphical intensive tasks within the browser to make it perform better. However, it may be the cause of the ‘Media tệp tin Could Not Be Played’ error; therefore, disable it & then play the media file.

Steps khổng lồ disable hardware acceleration in Chrome on PC/ Mac:

On the Chrome toolbar, clickSettings > Advanced.
Under System, toggle offtheUse hardware acceleration when availableoption.

Steps lớn disable hardware acceleration in Opera:

Go toSettingsfrom the Opera menu. SelectBrowser, from the list.
UnderSystem, uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available. Restart Opera and check if this fixed the error loading media file.

Note: The latest macOS doesn’t allow to lớn enable or disable hardware acceleration in Safari.

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Method 7: Disable browser extensions

If the ‘Error loading media. The file could not be played’ error is occurring because of browser extensions, disable them.

You can kiểm tra if the browser extensions are causing the error. Mở cửa the đoạn clip hosting trang web in Incognito Mode và play its video. If the đoạn phim plays smoothly without any error, it indicates, an extension is causing the truyền thông file error.

Steps lớn disable extensions in Chrome:

xuất hiện Chrome và click on the three vertical dots. Click More tools > Extensions.
You can choose lớn Remove or toggle off each extension.
Next close the window, reopen the browser, and kiểm tra if the đoạn phim error is fixed.

Steps to lớn disable extensions in Safari on Mac:

Choose Safari > Preferences. Click Extensions.
to turn off an extension, uncheck its box on the left. Lớn uninstall an extension, select the extension and click Uninstall.

Can’t play downloaded & saved videos on PC, Mac, apk phone!

If you’re unable to lớn play đoạn clip files saved on your Windows, Mac, or smartphone, utilize a đoạn clip repair toolto troubleshoot the issue. When files are not completely downloaded or there is an interruption in the transfer process, you’re likely to encounter video playback errors. This is when Stellar Repair for Videois a viable option. You can easily overcome đoạn phim file corruption using the software, resolveaudio-video sync issues, andrepair choppy/distorted/grainy/jerky videofiles.

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