Hướng dẫn cách sửa lỗi 21 gặp phải trong qua trình restore iphone 4


It might have sầu happened to you that you"re trying khổng lồ restore your iPhone but no matter what you vì, iPhone won"t restore because an iTunes error 21 or iPhone Error 21 keeps popping up! It"s like a whack-a-mole, you keep trying to restore, but that infernal iPhone Error 21 comes again. Generally, these errors are a result of some security software package interfering with your restore, và it usually has an easy fix.

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So here we"re showing you 8 different ways by which you can fix iTunes error 21 or iPhone Error 21, restore with ease, and continue using your device!

What is iTunes Error 21 (iPhone Error 21)?

Now before we get khổng lồ the nitty-gritty"s of how lớn fix iTunes Error 21, I"m sure you must be wondering what is iTunes Error 21 (iPhone Error 21) lớn begin with, & why does it have this strange obsession with your phone! The most comtháng reason for iTunes Error 21 is that your iTunes is trying to download the restore files (.ipsw) but is, unfortunately, being blocked from authentication. This may be due lớn a hardware error, or maybe there is a communication failure between your device & the servers. However, fret not, we will show you how lớn fix that iPhone Error 21 easily và effectively and get bachồng khổng lồ leading your iPhone engrossed lives!


Solution 1: How khổng lồ fix iTunes error 21 or iPhone error 21 without losing data

One of the biggest concerns you probably have sầu while attempting your restore and trying to lớn fix the iPhone Error 21 is whether your data is safe. That is a legitimate concern as a lot of techniques out there might or most certainly will lead lớn data loss. That is why we"re starting our menu with a technique that can ensure there won"t be any data loss. To ensure this you can use an easy-to-use và convenient software called Dr.Fone - System Repair

Your memories và data are all precious & you shouldn"t risk them. Dr.Fone seems to place great emphasis on data preservation and as such is the recommended means to lớn fix iPhone Error 21. Furthermore, its convenience and mile-purpose nature help as well.


Dr.Fone - System Repair

Fix iTunes error 21 or iPhone error 21 without Data Loss

Only fix your iOS to lớn normal, no data loss at all.Works for all models of iPhone, iPad tablet và iPod touch.Fully compatible with the lathử nghiệm iOS version.

Available on: Windows Mac
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Steps to lớn fix iTunes error 21 with Dr.Fone

Step 1. Choose "System Repair"

After launching the Dr.Fone toolkit, you"ll find "System Repair". Click on that.

Step 2. Connect the iPhone

Connect your iPhone via a cable và let Dr.Fone detect it. Clichồng "Start" to go on with the process.

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Important: Please note that by fixing the issue - iPhone stuông chồng at Apple biểu tượng logo, the iOS operating system on your iPhone will be updated khổng lồ the lachạy thử version. And if the device is a jailbroken iPhone, then it will be converted back to lớn its none jail-broken state.


Step 3. Download the firmware

Dr.Fone will identify the iPhone Model and offer the lathử nghiệm iOS version for you to lớn download. Simply cliông chồng "Start" và wait for the process lớn complete.



Step 4. Fix iTunes error 21

Once the tải về is complete, Dr.Fone will automatically start repairing the iOS, except this time you won"t be bothered with an iPhone error 21 message!

Tips: If these steps won"t work, probably the iTunes components are corrupted. Go lớn repair your iTunes and try again.



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Solution 2: Repair iTunes lớn fix iTunes error 21

If there"s a real problem like iTunes error 21, having iTunes components repaired will be effective. No matter the iPhone Error 21 is a temporary glitch or a component corruption issue, with the following iTunes repair tool, you can take care of it easily.

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You remember how I mentioned that the iTunes Error 21 may be a result of the iTunes being blocked. Well, sometimes simply repairing the iTunes can prove enough to lớn fix iTunes Error 21. So you might wanna" lead with that.

Operate based on the following steps. Then you can fix iTunes error 21 quickly:

Download the Dr.Fone toolkit. Then install, start it up, và cliông chồng "Repair" in the main menu. In the new window, cliông xã "iTunes Repair" from the left column. Then connect the iOS device lớn your PC.
First, we should exclude the connection issues. So let"s choose "Repair iTunes Connection Issues".If iTunes error 21 still pops up, cliông xã "Repair iTunes Errors" to verify & repair all iTunes components.Lastly, if iTunes error 21 is not fixed by the above steps, cliông xã "Advanced Repair" khổng lồ have a thorough fix.

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