Left 4 dead 2


Left 4 Dead 2 is a great first-person shooter for PC in which we"ll have khổng lồ make và survive amongst hordes of zombies that want khổng lồ gobble up our brains


Left 4 Dead is a collaborative shooter released in 2008 và that was phối in a zombie apocalypse. It was a video clip game that received plenty of positive criticism and opinions, turning its sequel into one of the most awaited games for the following years. Well, L4D2 was no disappointment & this FPS managed to improve what we had already seen in the first part.

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Action và horror in the deep south of the USA

The state of Louisiana becomes the scenario for this new action-packed adventure in which you"ll have to lớn choose between one of the four survivors available khổng lồ face up against hordes of undead. You"ll be able to make use of a wide range of weapons: from knives or baseball bats lớn firearms, chainsaws or even a frying pan. You can obviously try your luck in hand-to-hand combats:

Fight against the zombie invasion with a wide range of weapons.Over 20 new weapons, from guns to frying pans.New game modes that make the most of the first installment"s cooperative system.New và more dangerous enemies.Play on the side of the zombies và find out what it"s lượt thích to be a baddie.New maps.Collaborative playability developed by the creators of games of the likes of Half-Life, Portal, Counter-Strike, & Team Fortress.New storyline with new characters và new dialogs.Five large campaigns from the Cooperative, Versus và Survival modes. Each one has its own undead.Renovated online multiplayer mode.

Southern terror. Without the KKK this time.

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Although Left 4 Dead 2 has been on the market for quite a few years, it"s still a great first-person shooter that offers you hours of entertainment và fun. Its graphics still look quite decent as you can see in the gameplays. Furthermore, as it"s getting old you won"t have any problems with its requirements as your computer will be able to lớn meet them without trouble, making the investment of purchasing it on Steam very worthwhile. It"s quite cheap, by the way.

And if that weren"t enough, in this second part of Left 4 Dead for PC there"s an important advantage regarding other versions such as the PS4 edition: you can download mods và new maps.

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