Dinosaur 4d+ card


Just about all kids love dinosaurs and find them fascinating for one reason or another. Here we have a collection of free dinosaur flashcards to print and use in learning activities.

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There are large and small flashcards as well as black and white cards that students can enjoy coloring in. The flashcards feature the most commonly known dinosaurs and they all have pictures with names.

The cards can of course be used for any children’s flashcard games but here are a couple of extra ideas you may like to try with older students.

Organising – you can get students to organise the cards into what they eat – Carnivores (meat-eaters), and Herbivores (plant-eaters). The answers for each dinosaur’s diet is given below.Ranking – ask students to rank the dinosaurs by size (biggest to smallest). This could be either a research game or a competition to see who gets the most correct or arranges the cards correctly the quickest. The length of each dinosaur is given below.Homework or research project – give each student a different card and get them to research and write about their given dinosaur.

Note that information on the diets and lengths of the dinosaurs was taken from Wikipedia and Britannica which both have differing statistics. Archeologists are always updating information and you may find a better/updated source of information elsewhere.

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Dinosaur flashcards sheet 1
Sheet one has these extinct beasts –

Stegosaurus – herbivore, 9 m/30 ft

Hypsilphodon – herbivore, 1.8 m/6 ft

Tyrannosaurus – carnivore, 12.3 m/40 ft

Deinonychus – carnivore, 3.4 m/11 ft


The second set of cards have –

Pachycephalosaurus – Diet unknown, 4.5 m/14,8 ft

Iguanadon – herbivore, 9 m/30 ft

Anklosaurus – herbivore – 10 m/33 ft

Pteranodon – carnivore – 7 m/23 ft


The dinosaurs on sheet 3 are –

Velociraptor – carnivore, 1.8 m/6 ft

Brachiosaurus – herbivore, 21 m/69 ft

Allosaurus – carnivore, 10.5 m/ 35 ft

Plesiosaurus – carnivore, 3.5 m/11 ft


The final dinosaurs printable has –

Parasaurolophus – herbivore, 9.5 m/31 ft

Rhamphorhynchus – carnivore, 1.2 m/ 4 ft

Spinosaurus – carnivore, 16 m/52 ft

Triceratops – herbivore 9 m/29.5 ft


This sheet has all the 16 dinosaurs above on a single page. You can use these small cards to play learning games such as memory and matching. They are also useful to play card games like Go Fish.

These cartoon dinosaur cards can be colored in before you cut them out. They are great for young learners.

This first sheet features cartoon pictures with names of the dinosaurs Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Pterodactyl.

The final cards of this set of 8 dinosaurs have Peliosaurus, Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, and Triceratops.

To make coloring these cards more challenging you can give your class instructions on how to color each picture.

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