Coc coc browser and coc coc 'savior' review

How to disable the Extension on Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Coc Coc helps the browser to start up faster, and saves RAM resources on the system. If you vị not know how lớn remove the Extension on your browser, you can refer lớn the instructions in the article below khổng lồ apply.

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Simply by turning the extension on & off on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Coc Coc, you can master the browsers, & also disable or disable the extension on Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera. Và Coc Coc is a way khổng lồ help you block the risk of being infected with viruses, malicious code or simply block unwanted but useless extensions that make your browser heavier.

Instructions on how to lớn delete Extensions on the browser

Refer to the instructions below lớn know how to turn on & off the extension on the four best web browsers today, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, download Coc Coc.

Disable, enable extension on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Coc Coc

1. How khổng lồ disable Extensions on Chrome

Step 1: mở cửa the Google Chrome browser then tap the menu icon (three dots) to mở cửa a custom category.


Step 2: Next, click on “More Tools” (1) and then click “Extensions” (2) as shown below.

Step 3: In the menu of Chrome extensions (Extensions), you just need to put off work to lớn switch from blue to gray is khổng lồ be.

2. How khổng lồ turn on and off the extension on Firefox

Step 1: Tap the thực đơn icon (three dashes) in the đứng đầu right corner of the screen.

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Step 2: You choose “Extensions and themes“.

Step 3: You continue to select “Extensions” same picture.

Step 4: Toggle the toggle bar are from blue lớn grayah done.

3. Instructions lớn disable extensions on Opera

Step 1: Click Opera icon live đứng đầu left corner screen to xuất hiện Opera’s custom menu.

Step 2: You click on “Extension” to xuất hiện Utilities.

Step 3: You continue to lớn click “Extension

Step 4: You click on toggle bar the other to lớn change from blue to gray.

As shown below is fine.

4. How khổng lồ disable Extension on Coc Coc

Step 1: xuất hiện Coc Coc browser then click Coc Coc icon located in top left corner of the browser.

Step 2: You click on “Other tools“then click”Extensions“.

Step 3: In Coc Coc’s extension list, you just need khổng lồ slide the toggle bar khổng lồ change from xanh to gray is okay.

To turn it back on, just slide the box from gray lớn blue.

So has shown you how lớn effectively disable the extension on four Web browser The best currently includes Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Coc Coc. For each browser, there is a different way to lớn turn on and off the extension, besides, removing the extension, removing the add-on on Google Chrome or Coc Coc seems to be the same but is also very different due khổng lồ the installation interface of the browser. There are significant differences between the two browsers. Readers can learn more instructions install Chrome extension on Firefox or Opera if you want to lớn install extensions of one browser on another, this is a pretty special trick because you can install extensions between different browsers easily without worrying about the difference. Specially caused.