Cách chuyển video thành live photo


Summary: Wondering how lớn make a video clip a live sầu phokhổng lồ for your iPhone? Stop searching cause Apple doesn"t offer an official solution to help you out. Fortunately, we"ve found some ways lớn show you how to lớn make a Clip into lớn a live photo easily.

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Live sầu Photo refers to lớn a feature of the new iOS system camera. It is a small đoạn Clip with a length of 3 seconds and also including sound, which can be produced in the iOS system camera. Open the "Camera", enable the "Live Photo" function, và then press the shutter button, a Live sầu Photo lớn is captured. Then, find the phokhổng lồ you just took in "Photos", long press on the photo, the photo suddenly becomes alive sầu.

If you ask me which iPhone feature I like the most, it is Live Pholớn without hesitation, because it will "move". During this time, I like a đoạn phim very much và want khổng lồ convert it to live photo lớn & phối it as the lock screen. Here are some effective methods I"ve tried & I"d lượt thích lớn tóm tắt with you.


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Part 1. How to lớn Convert A Video Into lớn A Live PhotoPart 2. How to lớn Edit A Video Online for Free

Part 1. How khổng lồ Convert A Video Into A Live Photo

If you are enthusiastic about the live sầu wallpapers, this phầm mềm is a must-have. It"s fully capable of turning a đoạn Clip into a live sầu pholớn for you & you can also turn your photo lớn or GIF into lớn live photos. And you can edit your photos with its basic & advanced features lớn make creative wallpapers easily.

Method 1. IntoLive

Step 1. Launch App Store and tìm kiếm for IntoLive and download the phầm mềm. Open the phầm mềm & then it will ask for your access lớn your photos.

Step 2. Tap on the video you"d lượt thích khổng lồ convert > then you can edit this video (trim, change background, add filter, change tốc độ, mute, rotate, flip and more) > tap Make inhỏ on the top right corner > choose No repeat (other options are Pro feature) > tap Save Live Photos on the bottom.

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Method 2. Lively Converter

Lively Converter is an application that can help you convert videos into lớn live photos, convert live sầu photos into videos, photos và GIFs. It"s only available for iPhone & iPad tablet running or iOS 10.0 and later.

Steps: Go to App Store on your iPhone and search for Lively Converter and get it to lớn your device. Run it và choose Video icon > choose the Clip you want khổng lồ convert inkhổng lồ live sầu photo lớn > pĐánh Giá it & tap on Save as Live sầu Photo lớn.


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Method 3. LPhường Converter

LP. is an simple converter for iPhone and iPad users, which is able to lớn help you convert live sầu photos into lớn videos và vice versa. Also, you can export live sầu photos lớn đoạn phim, GIF, & still images easily. It supports exporting multiple Live sầu Photos at once & offers several settings lớn customize the exported videos, live Photos, và GIFs.


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Part 2. How to lớn Edit A Video Online for Free

There are chances that you may want to lớn edit a video clip & nội dung it to lớn YouTube, Facebook, Instagram và more. For this purpose, bdkhtravinh.vn video clip maker is strongly recommended for you. It"s an online tool that can help you edit a đoạn Clip with its impressive sầu features. Let"s kiểm tra how it works to edit a Clip online easily.

Step 1. Open bdkhtravinh.vn & cliông chồng Start from Scratch to lớn start.


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Step 2. Then you can cliông chồng Local Files lớn upload your videos here.


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Step 3. Then you can edit your video clip lượt thích trim, edit, add text, add background music, add watermark, add filter, add transition effects và more.


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Quiông xã Tips:

①Tryên Video Online >

②Convert Video Online >

③ Edit Video Online >

TipsYou can also convert AVI, MOV, M4V, MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV formats to MP4 or WEBM with Flexvideo Converter now.

The Bottom Line

That"s all about how lớn convert a video inlớn a live sầu photo lớn, và we introduced 3 simple methods khổng lồ help you turn videos into lớn live sầu photos & mix it as your iPhone wallpaper. What"s more, you can rely on Flexvideo Clip maker to lớn make a video online for free! Just try it & explore more.

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